100s of Pregnant Women Are Among the Massive Gathering of Migrants Under Texas Bridge

More than 6,7000 mostly Haitian migrants remain under the Del Rio International Bridge along the Texas border, including more than 300 pregnant women, according to a new report.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin tweeted the new information Wednesday morning from Del Rio.

“NEW: This is what it looks like under the international bridge in Del Rio this morning. Latest numbers as of 6 AM.

“6,722 migrants 4,742 family units 1,489 single adult men 418 single adult females 73 family ‘groups’

“300+ pregnant women here as of yesterday,” Melugin tweeted.


The Biden administration has said it plans to send many of the migrants back to Haiti. However, “family units” will be excluded. This will include thousands of the up to 15,000 migrants who have crossed the Mexican border across the Rio Grande into Del Rio.

“We are releasing family groups (couples who claim female is pregnant). Family units (Families w/ children). All a woman has to do is claim she is pregnant and she will be released. They’re asked to please report to immigration within 60 days,” Melugin reported from a Border Patrol source.


Independent journalist Ali Bradley reported that at least one of the Haitian women from Del Rio has already given birth.

“While I was boarding my flight out of Texas, I talked with migrants, all from Haiti getting ready to head to: Florida (Orlando), New York, and Maryland,” Bradley tweeted on Wednesday.

“Baby Mateo was born 5 days ago in Del Rio,” he added.


KTRK-TV in Houston reported on Wednesday that Haitian migrants from Del Rio have been bused to the area. The report noted thjat “volunteers from a coalition of churches are preparing them for the next part of their journey in America.”

In addition, “The migrants staying there are reportedly families who came to escape violence or persecution. They’ll eventually be taken to Bush Intercontinental Airport or the bus station to meet up with their sponsors in other states.”

The migrant gathering of nearly 15,000 people has now dropped to less than half of its size.

However, many of the migrants appear to be moving to other parts of the U.S. rather than being deported to Haiti.

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