BETRAYED by the System: The SHOCKING ordeals of a J6 Peaceful Protester

On January 6, 2021, Raechel Samsel and her husband Ryan Samsel woke up early in the morning and left Pennsylvania to head down to Washington DC. The couple parked at Pentagon City Mail and took a train into DC. When they arrived, they walked to find where President Trump was speaking. While waiting, they walked around, talked with people, took some pictures, and stopped at a few vendors.

Once Trump started speaking, they found a spot to stand and during his speech, it was hard to hear him, and seemed like the volume on the speakers was very low/muffled. After a while, Ryan had to use the bathroom and so they walked down Pennsylvania Avenue where there were a lot of people already walking down towards the Capital and they joined them.

One group was chanting “F*** Anifia”, then there was another group of people they noticed who were wearing tie-dyed shirts and another group standing around. Raechel later found out they were some of the Proud Boys members. Ryan went up to a gentleman but Raechel was not sure what was said. As they walked around, there happened to be another small group of people, and one of them had a gun holster around his waist.

According to Raechel, the ‘protester’ with the gun was hanging with Ray Epps that day. Raechel says he has not been arrested.

Before they got to the US Capitol, the first set of bike racks were already taken down so everyone was standing at the second set of bike racks. She stood off to the right side at least 3-4 rows back from the bike rack as people started filling the gaps. There was a lot of yelling, another person was using a bullhorn, and someone else was yelling in a microphone.

Ray Epps was seen leading the crowd at this point. He whispered in Ryan Samsel’s ear how to take down the bike racks before they were breached. Epps was leading the effort. He later lied to congressional investigators about his role in breaching the barriers to the Capitol.

When the bike rack fence was breached from what Raechel could see, Ryan jumped back after the protesters broke through the bike racks. Ryan had a concerned look on his face and she heard him yell at someone, “Get off of her!” Ryan ran around the bike rack to help a female police officer up to safety and handed her off to two fellow officers.

Raechel Samsel was off to the side as protesters worked their way to the US Capitol.

They proceeded to the US Capitol.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, Ray Epps then broke through a second set of barriers on his way to the US Capitol. Epps is still a free man today.

Raechel says at the time, she was confused about what was going on and stood off to the side by the bike rack. She believes there were two police officers standing near her. She remembers Ryan telling her to stay there. But as more people started to come through the opening she had to follow with the crowd before being trampled on. There were tens of thousands of people walking peacefully to the US Capitol. Raechel then went through a dirt pathway and found her way up to where other people were standing around the Capital. She stood back by the plaza area behind the scaffolding. She was surrounded by many friendly people who were praying, singing, and chanting “USA.” People were very peaceful at this point.

Then a Capital police officer started shooting down the crowd of thousands from his perch above them. The police officer was shooting protesters in the head. The officer shot Joshua Black in the cheek with a rubber bullet. Ryan Samsel offered assistance to Black who was bleeding out.

The police then started firing flash bangs into the crowd without warning. This caused people to get upset. Ryan rendered aid and helped Joshua Black after he was shot in the face with a rubber bullet. The police attack was unrelenting.

There was a flash-bang thrown not too far from where Raechel was standing and tear gas got into her eyes and in her lungs. It was so bad she could not breathe. She says it felt like her eyes and lungs were on fire. Thankfully someone standing near her had a bottle of water and Ryan poured water into her eyes. At that point Ryan was worried and they both agreed it was time to leave.

While trying to find their way out of the area they came across a lady that was in distress. Raechel and Ryan, along with one other person, helped the woman up and passed her to some other people to get her some medical help. They then left the Capital to walk back to the train station and drove home.

The FBI later raided their home where they were staying in the middle of the night and took Ryan away. She has not seen him since. Ryan has been in prison for over two years without trial. They have moved him over a dozen times. Ryan has been beaten several times by guards since his incarceration.

Raechel was later arrested by the FBI and put in shackles for attending the rally and protest. She committed no violence, stood near the scaffolding, and left after she was gassed.

Raechel was put on a year’s probation and told she could not contact her husband. Raechel was kicked out of her grandparents’ home after the FBI raid. The FBI forced them all into a room and her elderly grandparents were traumatized by the raid.

To this day Raechel is being stalked by law enforcement as she works two jobs to survive. She will see police or unmarked cars outside of her workplace for no apparent reason except to harass her.

Raechel has had her life stolen away from her by this regime.

She is alone and suffering.

** And please call Judge Jia Cobb and demand she allows Ryan Samsel to receive adequate medical care.

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