Biden Faces Threat from Within

Could a disaffected member of President Joe Biden’s own party hurt his re-election prospects with an independent presidential bid?

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is considering a White House run.

The moderate Democrat spoke about the possibility during a recent gathering at the Connecticut home of communications specialist Robert Dilenschneider, Fox Business reported Monday.

The 76-year-old outgoing senator revealed he planned to meet with the president in the coming days and would try to “move him to the center,” according to the report.

If Biden failed to satisfy him, Manchin could launch his own presidential campaign with the assistance of the No Labels organization.

No Labels bills itself as a centrist political organization and is funded by some of the nation’s wealthiest political donors, according to The Intercept.

It’s unclear how Manchin’s campaign infrastructure would come about or if he would be able to appear on ballots across the nation in November.

Last week, the senator — long considered a thorn in the side of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party — made an appearance in New Hampshire, which hosts the nation’s next presidential primaries.

“I’m not here campaigning. I’m here basically concerned about my country, same as you,” he said during the event Friday at St. Anselm College, according to CBS News. “Wherever life takes me, I’m willing to do, but I’m gonna give everything I have to save the country.”

On Sunday, Manchin rejected the insinuation that he would be running as a “spoiler” if he were to enter the presidential race.

“Let me just say I have never been a spoiler, nor will I ever be a spoiler on any election,” he told host Shannon Bream on “Fox News Sunday.”

“If I’m involved, I’m involved to win,” he said. “But to be a spoiler for the sake of throwing the election one way or the other, I would never do.”

The senator indicated a decision might come after Super Tuesday, which is March 5.

It’s unclear how a Manchin presidential campaign would affect Biden’s prospects.

Although he has served in the Senate as a Democrat, it’s possible his hypothetical campaign could appeal to voters of both major parties.

“Right now, both parties seem to have a hard time with the candidates,” Manchin said.

Biden hasn’t addressed the prospect of an independent run by the senator.

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