Healthcare Crisis: Illegals Prioritized Over US Citizens In Dem City

A man named “Orlando,” who is in the U.S. illegally from Venezuela, was overjoyed to tell NBC News that he has gotten free medical care for cancer treatments after arriving in the country, but NBC also notes that American citizens are often being turned away from New York hospitals and social services that are inundated with border crossers.

According to the NBC News report, “Orlando,” who won’t give his full name due to “safety concerns” — was diagnosed with esophageal cancer six months after he arrived in the U.S.A. Now he is getting free chemotherapy and radiation treatments and free doctor’s care.

This is health care that costs Americans tens of thousands of dollars to keep them alive, but “Orlando” is getting it all for free. And he is fully aware of the costs.

“The therapies, the chemo — all of that is out of control,” he said about how expensive it would have been for him in Venezuela. “I would have passed away by now.”

No doubt.

NBC did not report if “Orlando” is grateful to the American people for all the free, life-saving medical care. But the network did note that he is only one of the more than 30,000 illegals who are the lucky recipients of free healthcare in New York hospitals since April of 2022.

Regardless, in a report aired on NBC News on Oct. 2, reporter Julia Ainsley said that “Orlando” came to New York City because he heard that illegals are treated to all sorts of free benefits, including healthcare.

Dr. Ted Long, a senior vice president for New York City Health + Hospitals who helps oversee the city’s health response to the migrants, insisted that the border crisis has presented “the hardest work I’ve ever done.”

Long then piously added, “But it’s been the most impactful work that I’ve ever done” because these “migrants” often exhibit “physical and emotional” trauma.

“Every asylum-seeker who has been through trauma and sometimes literal hell to get here in New York City deserves a chance, deserves to have our help to take their next step forward,” Long said.

But all this “impact” that Long finds so personally uplifting and the free care so casually dolled out by hospitals in the Big Apple to illegals is coming at a cost to actual American citizens.

According to Randye Retkin, the director of LegalHealth, a division of the New York Legal Assistance Group, many actual citizens are being “referred” elsewhere when they try to get help.

Retkin’s group helps clients who are in financial difficulties find the life-saving care they need to survive.

“Of course, we want to make sure we get to those clients or patients as soon as possible,” Retkin said, according to NBC. “The health care professional will say, ‘This person might need a transplant in a month or so,’ or ‘This person really can’t get the treatment they need. Can you help us out?””

But these days, Retkin admits that most of her “clients” are now illegals, not Americans.

And Americans are either being turned away or are having to wait ten weeks or more even for an appointment, time that could become a death sentence if they need life-saving treatment.

“I’m sure if you talk to anybody else in the city who’s doing this work, there are waiting lists and people are turning people away or referring them to other places,” Retkin admitted. “If you asked me, ‘Do we need more resources for legal services?’ I would say absolutely, yes.”

“We don’t want to necessarily turn anybody away, but they do have to wait for an appointment,” she averred.

This infuriating report shows that in President Joe Biden’s America, illegal aliens who broke our laws to get here are given priority over American citizens. People born in this country who are in need are being treated like second-class citizens, but this would not be happening if our borders were better handled and our immigration laws were actually enforced.

via westernjournal

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