HUGE! GA State Admits – Violations in 2020 Election

The Georgia State Election Board admitted to violation of election law in the 2020 election.

The State Election Board admitted to this in a recent letter to investigator Joseph Rossi.

The Georgia Election Board says in their letter to Rossi, “The matter is in the violation found category.”

Here is the letter below.

Emerald Robinson at The Absolute Truth on Frank Speech reported late Friday that the long awaited report from an investigation (SEB2023-025) into errors found in both the hand count & a machine count from the 2020 presidential election in Fulton County is officially on the agenda for a May 7th State Election Board meeting.

The investigation found violations into both the hand audit and machine count according to citizen investigator Joe Rossi.

Emerald spoke with Joseph Rossi this week.

Emerald Robinson: It looks like a new subpoena to the Secretary of State’s office as part of the Fannie Willis RICO case, might just force the board’s hand. Here to give us all the details as the source of these developments, Mr. Joe Rossi, who is the concerned citizen investigator who prompted the investigation into the discrepancies in the 2020 election count in Fulton County, Georgia. Joe, it’s good to see you. Tell us what you’re learning.

Joe Rossi: …As of last night, I also learned that it is now going to be on the agenda for the May seventh State Election Board hearing. As you may recall, as you mentioned, it got pulled at the last minute. It was noted as complete with violations found. It was pulled at the last minute before the December 19th hearing. And then for reasons, I don’t know why, it never got put on the February hearing. But now it looks like Between the subpoena or other pressures, it looks like it’s going to finally be on the agenda, or at least we hope so, for the May seventh SEB hearing. That’s the status of the hearing.

Emerald Robinson: Just a reminder, our viewers, now we’re talking about defendants in the Fannie Willis RICO case. There were 18 defendants along with Donald J. Trump. We don’t know which one of those defendants has subpoenaed the Secretary of State’s office, but look, it’s relevant. This report is relevant to pretty much every defendant’s case who has not yet pleaded guilty or done some deal with the county. This machine count, the count cannot be reconciled with the recount on December third. You know, you had heard before the meeting was scheduled in December that it shows that there were errors, and it points to errors, lies, and a cover up, correct?…

Watch the entire segment below.

via thegatewaypundit

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