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Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Reveals What WE ALL KNEW!

By New York Post. With the text of Hunter Biden’s plea deal now public, it’s no longer possible to deny that the Justice Department’s been bending over backward to protect the Biden family — including President Joe Biden.

“The United States agrees not to criminally prosecute [Hunter] Biden . . . for any federal crimes” related to the case, the deal reads.

It left only the possibility of “prosecution for any future conduct.”

No wonder Hunter and his attorneys were convinced he’d be off the hook for other crimes, such as those related to foreign lobbying — and, perhaps, bribe-taking, influence-peddling or other corruption.

Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned such a “broad,” “nonstandard” agreement, and wondered why both parties wanted her to “rubber stamp it.”

Hunter’s Plea Deal Was Meant to Protect One Person: Joe Biden

By New York Post. The Justice Department finally gave up pretending to investigate Hunter Biden and preemptively offered him blanket immunity for years of possible criminal activity. Why waste time, right?

It is increasingly evident the extraordinary plea agreement that fell apart was set in place to ensure the president’s name wouldn’t be dragged into any investigation. . .

The government didn’t release the text of the plea agreement — it usually does — but a leaked copy shows that the wide-ranging, intentionally vague promise of immunity for crimes committed from 2014 to 2019 was curiously buried on paragraph 15 of the Pre-Trial Diversion Agreement.

On numerous occasions during the hearing, Noreika asked the government prosecutors if they knew of any precedent for a plea deal that offered immunity for “crimes in a different case.” Every time, the answer was no. In one instance, a federal lawyer admitted Hunter’s immunity was “crafted to suit the facts and circumstances.”

Indeed, the “circumstances” are that every aspect of a genuine investigation into Hunter Biden would, sooner or later, lead to Joe.

Hunter Biden Just Admitted in Court to Partnering With Communist Party-Linked Chinese Businessman

By Daily Caller. Hunter Biden admitted in court that a businessman linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had been his business partner, according to a transcript shared by the Republican House Oversight Committee on Thursday.

Biden testified that Ye Jianming, former chairman of CEFC Energy, had been his business partner, when asked by the court, transcripts state. The House Oversight Committee has alleged that Ye sought to cultivate a relationship with the Biden family, and towards that end wired millions of dollars to Hunter Biden’s businesses and associates through a complex laundering scheme.

“The fourth paragraph says during the calendar year 2017, you earned substantial income including just under a million dollars from a company you formed with a CEO of a Chinese business conglomerate. Is that the same or a different Chinese company from the one you referenced earlier?” Judge Maryellen Noreika asked Hunter Biden.

“I started a company called Hudson West, Your Honor, and my partner was associated with a Chinese energy company called CEFC,” Hunter Biden replied.

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