Border Crisis ESCALATES: Chilling THREATS From Illegals

The illegal immigrant in this viral video seems to be alluding to an upcoming catastrophic event that will provide him notoriety. His words are vile and promissory.

And he just crossed the border “at No More Death Camp, about 12 miles east from Sasabe,” Arizona, according to Joe Felix of 1strespondersmedia on X. Felix is an independent journalist who holds press credentials.

He came upon this illegal immigrant over the weekend at the southern border, where he entered the United States with zero regard for procedure or our laws. He joins millions of illegal immigrants who have invaded the United States since President Joe Biden took office.

There is a big difference, however, between many of the others and this man. This man is eloquent, angry, driven, and threatening. Most others can barely speak English. This means that this man has been educated for a reason. What that could be most likely can’t be good for Americans.

In the comments shared by Felix on X alongside the video, Felix noted, “A migrant who illegally crossed into the United States threatened me, saying ‘You find out who I am very soon,’ simply because I asked him where he was from. These are the people @AliMayorkas @POTUS @DHSgov and @CBP are letting in.”

In the video, the illegal immigrant looked at the camera and said, “Yes, by the way. If you were smart enough you’d know who I am. But you are really not smart enough to know who I am. But soon you’re gunna know who I am. Very easy.”

The exchange continued with Felix pointing out how entitled the illegal immigrant seemed: “The entitlement; the entitlement.”

The migrant snapped back snickering, “No, believe me. I am much better than that.” The exchange continued with the illegal immigrant finally ending with the words, “You will see soon, Sir.” The shaking of his head leads the audience to conclude that something ominous is on the horizon and that this guy is in the know and part of the plan.

Whether this is true or he is bluffing, plenty who have viewed the video are reaching the same conclusion. The brazen manner in which this illegal immigrant comes across stands apart.

One comment on X summed up the impression this man is giving, as well as why this video is on fire on so many social media platforms. “Someone who is this brazen should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, Joe Biden is letting potential terrorists like this illegal in by the millions. America has no national security.”

I, too, came across it on Tiktok over the weekend, and it left me uneasy. Biden and his administration are undoubtedly complicit in anything nefarious that arises from this man’s threat. And every other horrible outcome resulting from this mass border invasion.

According to the New York Post, ex-FAA and TSA Red Team leader Bogdan Dzakovic testified to Congress that he fully anticipates another act similar to the Sept. 11 terror attack to occur in the future. He said, “It’s just a matter of time until we get hit again just like we did on 9/11. We don’t do jacks*** until someone gets killed. And the White House only cares about white supremacists now. It’s ludicrous.”

So here we are, another repercussion of Biden and his administration, with state officials fighting the federal government to protect what the Constitution under Article IV gives them the right to.

Undoubtedly, what this illegal immigrant said to Felix is chilling. It reeks of Americans’ need to prepare for the worst as it is seemingly coming. We can only hope that a Republican returns to the oval office in 2024 to fully secure our border and make America great again.

via westernjournal

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