Parental Consent Stripped: NY Bill Greenlights Secret Vaccinations for Children

The Democrats in the New York State Assembly are bent set on giving the Government free rein to inject your child with whatever Big Brother deems necessary. Why would these Democrats, many of them parents themselves, give the government the power to inject even their own children behind their backs? Please read the article below by guest writers Michael Kane of “Teachers for Choice” and John Gilmore of “Autism Action Network”. Remember, this can happen outside of New York and California if YOU do not get involved in local government and stay on top of the laws that these compromised politicians are sneaking in.

For the first time, New York parents will be completely cut out of knowing what vaccines are injected into their kids, if Assembly Bill A276B becomes law.

On May 16, Assembly Bill A276B was passed out of the Health Committee in Albany, NY. The bill allows minors to consent to any vaccine or drug related to STD prevention without parental knowledge or consent. This includes the controversial HPV vaccine Gardasil which is not required to attend any school in New York. This bill has been around for nearly 14 years carried by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin the entire time, yet has never been able to pass a committee vote.

Please see the citizens of New York flip out in fury on the political hacks of the so-called “Health Committee” after they voted YES on this unconstitutional bill:

But now that Paulin is the committee chair, she is working hard to get it passed with less than 3 weeks left in the session, with no public comment period or debate scheduled, in a non-election year. So far it has only passed one committee but unless public awareness is raised the bill will become law within the next few weeks.

Amy Paulin has been pushing the Gardisil injection mandate for 14 years. Now post-Covid, she is closer than ever before to her diabolical bill being passed by fellow Democrats who have had “changes of heart”.

Watch the masked Democrats vote yes on the bill in the video below, to the disgust of “We The People” in the room. 

After the vote Moe Oliver, who was a 23-year veteran NYC teacher fired for declining covid vaccination, expressed his disgust with the fact all of the Black women in the Health Committee voted to strip away parental rights. Moe noted that there were “no Black men” who were on the committee (himself being a Black man) and that “something is wrong in the world” when elected officials discard parental rights so easily.

There is no set bottom age for this new illegal “law”. Any child is at risk. Records can be hidden from parents.

Footage of the Assembly Health Committee vote has gone viral on Twitter showing the actual vote in the Health Committee as well as some of the aftermath of the vote.

The controversial HPV vaccine.

Many long-time New York medical freedom activists were most shocked by the vote of Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte whose past voting record has always been in support of the rights of people and parents to decide what vaccines they do and don’t partake in. In 2019 she voted against the repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination in the Health Committee and on the floor of the Assembly. At that time she spoke on the floor of how she was vaccinated for measles as a child yet got infected with the illness twice after that. She has also spoken out publicly in support of NYC workers who did not want to get the covid shot to keep their jobs. She stated that personal health decisions have to be left to individuals to decide “what is right for them and what is right for their families.”

This “yes” vote from Bichotte to allow children to get vaccinated behind their parents’ backs flies in the face of these comments she made not even two years ago at the height of COVID.

One unnerving last-minute amendment to bill A276B allows midwives to administer vaccines without parental knowledge or consent. The only STD-related vaccine a midwife might administer is the HEP-B vaccine which is routinely given on day-1 of birth. This opens up the question as to whether a newborn baby can “consent” to a medical procedure. The person who determines if a child can consent based on the way this bill is written is the individual giving the vaccine, in this case, the midwife or supervising doctor. While this may seem like an absurd line of questioning to consider, nothing in this bill makes clear this scenario is not allowable.

Repulsive vaccine propaganda.

A tweet on Friday made the rounds on Twitter with pictures of all 16 Democrat lawmakers who voted to strip parents of their rights to know what is injected into their children. All Republicans and two Democrats voted against A276b.

According to Teachers for Choice, these bills still must get through the Senate Health Committee, the rules committees of both houses, possibly other committees, and eventually a signature by the Governor. This will be an uphill battle, as New York State has a Democrat Super Majority in the Assembly. This fight is far from over, and they must get it all done by June 8 when the legislature adjourns for the year.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cara Castronuova ran against vaccine mandate pusher Michaelle Solages to stop tyranny like this. Solages is also peddling a Reparations Bill in New York State.

Below are the rest of the 16 Democrats who voted to take away parental rights. Keep scrolling to see their office phone numbers where you can call and request they uphold liberty and oppose this bill when it goes to a final floor vote.

According to Teachers for Choice website and Autism Action Network you can oppose Bill S762a/A276b.

The information below comes directly from their website and re-printed with theri permission

“The bill does not have any age limits, which means that the only age limit will be the youngest age permitted to use a product set by the Food and Drug Administration. Hepatitis B vaccines are given at birth so there is no age limit, HPV vaccine can be given at 9, and Truvada can be given to people who are at least 77 lbs., the weight of an average fifth grader.

S762a/A276b Would violate federal law. The infamous law passed in 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which removed legal liability from vaccine manufacturers and people who administer vaccines, also requires that a healthcare professional provide a copy of the current vaccine information sheet to an adult patient or to a child’s parent/legal representative before vaccinating a child. 42 U.S.C. §300aa-26.

Pure reaction.Last year, a federal court voided a Washington DC that allowed children 11 years and older to get vaccines without parental consent. See the judge’s order HERE.

S762a/276b protects pedophiles by gutting mandated reporter laws. Paulin’s bill protects pedophiles by subverting New York’s “Mandated Reporter” law that requires licensed professionals to report suspected sexual abuse of children to law enforcement. What rational person would not suspect something was very wrong if a nine-year old requested an injection that purports to prevent a sexually transmitted disease and the child did not want his or her parents to know about it? What should a mandated reporter do if an 11-year-old requests a drug to prevent HIV? Under New York law sex with children of that age is always a felony.

S762a A/276b takes away the current legal right to refuse vaccines for a child. This law goes much further than the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. At least parents have the option to refuse a vaccine and homeschool a child. This law removes parents completely from their child’s healthcare.

Pray for New York State’s brave citizens that fight an upwards battle for Medical Freedom.HPV shots have a terrible safety record According to the federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System as of 4/28/2023 in New York there have been 3,273 reported adverse incidents with HPV vaccines, including 9 deaths, 814 emergency room visits, 119 hospitalizations, and 88 permanent disabilities. Almost all of these injuries are among girls under 20. And according to Dr. David Kessler, who was the head of the FDA under Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, these injuries are probably less than 10% of the actual number.

The safety record of HPV vaccines is so troubling that Japan ended their recommendation of HPV vaccination for Japanese girls in 2014.

Truvada (PrEP) has significant safety issues and costs more than $20,000 per year, Kidney failure, bone loss, death, and dozens of other side effects caused by TDF, the active ingredient in Truvada.

Children do not know enough about their own medical history to consent. It is absurd to assume that a child of any age knows enough about their own medical history, and the medical history of their family, to provide informed consent. They must know if they had earlier adverse reactions to vaccines given to them as infants, whether they have allergies or sensitivities to vaccine ingredients, or if there is a family medical history that would contra-indicate a shot. A nine-year old child will know this?

Merck is charged with submitting fraudulent documents in the licensing process. A lawsuit is underway in California, Robi v. Merck, which alleges Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, submitted fraudulent safety and efficacy data to the federal government during the licensing process.

Who decides who can decide? A person giving the shot, who may have a financial incentive to do so, is allowed to use whatever reasons they want to determine if a minor is capable of giving consent.

New York State Democrats are trying to pass a bill that will allow children to be vaccinated without parental consent. Records can be hidden from parents. There is no protection for minors with developmental disabilities Nor is there any specific language to prevent shots from being given to minors with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

How can a parent make informed healthcare choices for their child? In the event of an adverse reaction, especially if a child is unconscious, how is a parent, first responder, or other healthcare professionals supposed to provide appropriate medical care to the child?

The official description of the bill is inaccurate and dishonest. It claims the bill, “Provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without a parent’s or guardian’s consent.” That is a lie. New York law has allowed minors to seek treatment for STDs since the 1970s. New York law does not allow minors to consent to treatment purported to be “preventive.”

Pray for the freedom-loving New Yorkers that fight for Medical Freedom. A current illegal regulation allows giving drugs and vaccines to minors without parental consent The goal of this bill is to make legal an illegal regulation pushed through in 2017 by former governor Andrew Cuomo that allowed giving drugs and vaccines to minors without parental consent. Paulin acknowledges in the Memo for the bill that the bill is needed to make the State’s current practice legal! Cuomo had no legal authority to push through what amounts to an entirely new law.

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