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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge Against Trump

It seems that the theme of the 2024 presidential election is “Get Trump!”

Democrats and Republican primary candidates alike have made the entire conversation about the former President of the United States.

It really is astounding how intimidated the competition is by him. They continue to show their hand by refusing to extradite him from the center of every attack and conversation relating to the upcoming election.

Conservative voters aren’t fooled. Neither are those voters he’s peeling away from the Democrat and Independent parties. With each new attempt to ensure Trump isn’t in the mix, the 45th President of the United States is stepping closer to becoming the 47th too.

A recent attempt made by a no-name Republican candidate to foil Trump’s ability to run just made it much harder for the rest. The longshot challenge was posed to the Supreme Court of the United States by little-known GOP presidential candidate John Anthony Castro.

According to CNN, Castro attempted to sue President Trump earlier in the year “in an effort to disqualify him from running for president and holding the office given his alleged provision of aid or comfort to the convicted criminals and insurrectionists that violently attacked our United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

The Supreme Court’s response was as definitive as one could get.

They kicked the case out the door without any form of comment or even a vote. Their candid reply was brutal and spoke volumes to others considering similar stunts.

No doubt, everyone is tiring of the constant circus playing out around Trump. The Supreme Court is no exception. They aren’t going to give this nonsense the time of day.

The deliberate action stresses the need for Trump’s competition to divert their focus back onto solutions and policy, while leaving Trump to do the same. It’s tough love forcing the candidates to actually come up with their own platforms that aren’t centered around Trump.

They now must think for themselves, which clearly isn’t something Castro was able to do when he first launched this particular challenge. Reaching down deep into the 14th Amendment in hopes that he would pull out a plum of an argument, Castro’s plan backfired. The decision mimicked a previous one carried in a lower court.

Having failed to prove legal right or standing in that one, Castro tried again. This time he pushed the decision to the Supreme Court in hopes that they would solidify his standing on the matter. They did the exact opposite then attached an exclamation mark to boot.

As Castro relied on the assumption that section 3 of the 14th Amendment perfectly explained the situation he found himself in with regards to Trump, the Supreme Court didn’t see it that way. They refused to validate Trump as being a popular insurrectionist.

In the same breath, they refused to recognize Castro as a viable GOP candidate, having not met the requirements to participate in any GOP debates at a minimum. The rest of Castro’s efforts were meager at best.

One can only imagine the recourse flooding the heads of the GOP nominees, who now must contend with another obstacle in the way of the biggest one of all – Trump. The former president has got to be happy about this one. At the same time, the rest of his competition must all have a hankering to pick Castro up by the feet and give him a swirly in the toilet.

In inviting the destructive outcome on himself, he did a “dirty” to every other legitimate GOP nominee. If any of them were hoping to use some obscure legalese to make up the cavernous advantage Trump has in the polls right now, Castro all but nuked those chances.

Two additional challenges to prevent Trump from returning to the White House are currently underway. One from Minnesota and the other from California, both pose greater threats to the Trump candidacy.

Those outcomes remain to be seen. In the meantime, former President Donald J. Trump continues to declare his innocence and commitment to remain on the ballot.

And with every one of these manufactured ploys, they move him ever closer to being re-elected.

via westernjournal

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