Surprise! Look who’s now siding with Steve Bannon in DOJ fight

Stephen Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, is being prosecuted by the Department of Justice on claims from members of Congress that he refused to cooperate with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan commission investigating the events of Jan. 6. at the U.S. Capitol.
So he’s demanded that all of the documents used to bring the case against him to be made public, a move being fought aggressively by DOJ officials.
But now he’s getting back up from an unlikely source, legacy media outlets.
The Hill earlier reported Bannon has opposed a protective order for discovery in the DOJ’s case against him.
That would prohibit both sides, the prosecution, and the defense, from releasing case documents to the public.
But Bannon said the public needs access to “all the facts” in order to judge “whether the U.S. Department of Justice is committed to a just result.”
A statement given to the Washington Post on the fight explained Bannon wants the judge to “allow unfettered access to and use of the documents.”
The Department of Justice has been battling to restore its reputation ever since several of its employees took part in the strategy that created the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory against President Trump. Several individuals were fired over that situation, which was called out by a government inspector general who found a long list of wrong actions in that situation.
The facts that now have emerged show that the Hillary Clinton campaign promoted the “collusion” theory with the goal of diverting Americans’ attention from her email scandal, where she posted government secrets on an unsecured, private email system. The DOJ employees, in effect, helped her.
They ran with the false claim, acquiring the Democrat-funded “Steele dossier” and going to a secret court to obtain permission to spy on individuals from the Trump campaign.
Bannon has pleaded not guilty to the contempt of Congress claims.
Now the Daily Mail has revealed that a group of legacy media outlets, including CNN, ABC, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC, and the parent company of the Wall Street Journal, “filed a motion to intervene as Bannon fights the government’s proposed order.”
“The order would severely limit what Bannon can do with the trove of information that the feds must share as part of the normal discovery process and have already begun handing over. According to a prior government filing, this includes more than 1,000 pages of witness testimony, grand jury material, and even emails from staff for the House Jan. 6th Committee investigating the Capitol riot,” the report said.
The press members, who largely were publicly in opposition to President Trump before and during his presidency, “argue that the government’s proposed order would violate the First Amendment – and takes on the government’s own contention that allowing Bannon to use the materials would result in pretrial publicity that could taint the jury pool,” the report said.
They argue, “Proper justification for a gag order necessarily includes a finding, in absence of its entry, that no ‘less restrictive alternatives’ can adequately prevent the perceived harm.”
The Daily Mail noted, “The filing puts the mainstream press squarely on the side of Bannon, who has in the past said the Times should be ‘ashamed and humiliated’ and attacked the media as the ‘opposition party’ – albeit on a procedural matter of mutual interest.”
Bannon said at the outset, shortly after being charged, “‘I’m telling you right now, this is going to be the misdemeanor from hell for [Attorney General] Merrick Garland.”
The DOJ said it wants to keep documents secret because it opposes Bannon’s plan to “try this case in the media.”
But Bannon suggested, during his earlier comments, that it already was political, since “Joe Biden ordered Merrick Garland to prosecute me from the White House lawn when he got off Marine One, and we’re going to go on the offense. We’re tired of playing defense. We’re going to go on the offense on this.”
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  1. Bannon knows exactly what he’s doing. He wants to expose the Jan 6 commission for what it really is, a partisan witch hunt. I say bring it on. Just more to make Democrats look bad.

    • You are soooo right. With these communist demonRAT’s mafia and their mobs, it’s just one coup d’etat right after the other, with a continual string of lies, fraud, corruption, treasons, and never ending deceit after another, and forcing us with their draconian, and clearly communist strong arm tactics.
      Bannon has their number, and they know it, this is why they have to destroy him, Roger Stone, and Gen. Mike Flynn, as well. They will do anything to destroy our country and to destroy our citizens that they hate with a purple passion. Anything and anyone who represents freedom and liberty, they consider us as their enemy, as they give themselves permission to utterly destroy anyone in their way.
      Steve Bannon is their current whipping boy, along with a simple citizen mother who simply voiced her opinion on their forced “critical race theory” that is being forced taught to her children in public schools, of which We The People pay their salaries! They weaponized their high offices on this little citizen mom, as they ordered their weaponized FBI, and DOJ, to beat down her private citizen door, Nazi style, unannounced, and ransacked her home, while she stood and watched in sheer terror and utter horror. Ganging up and bullying her with the full might of OUR government’s highest offices. Can you wrap your mind around that show of brute force happening to you with our nation’s most powerful office?!!! Get this! They weaponized it to make an example out of her, just like they did with Bannon, Stone and Gen. Flynn, which was meant to strike the most fear it can for a strategic purpose, which is meant to shut us ALL up and to shut us ALL down, pulling out the big guns on little mothers with little children.
      Make no mistake, the communist dems are taking us ….. BACKWARDS ….. OUT …….of civilization. Dear God, please help us!

    • Yes Gvette there is a double standard in DC . Democrats are exempt from the laws the rest of us have to abide by. Eric Holder belongs in prison for life for fast and furious and the lives lost due to his corruption and criminal activities. This is an example of black privilege under Democrat policies . Democrats are Marxists and hate America and equal justice. Expect more witch hunts from these Marxist clowns while they sweep thier crimes under the table. Out if site out if mind , just focus on the shells one has a pea under it !

  2. I do believe Bannon is setting these idiots up for a huge FALL. The best man for the job. Bannon knows the game better than any fbi or doj individual and he just may b the knight in shinning Armour to bring them DOWN.

  3. Bannon will expose all the corruption that is the Democrat party and destroy them in the court of public opinion . The Democrats lie and cheat at everything and when they are exposed they will deflect and blame Trump . Playing the same hate card they have for 4 years . Meanwhile ilegitiment clown show Joe Biden destoys our economy and devalues the dollar and shits his pants .

  4. Bring it all out ! It’s time to get everything out into the public to see and read. The DOJ are a bunch of crooked thugs that need to be fired. I’m sick of Gustapho tactics and BS ! Shut them down and take our sorry president and administration out !

  5. I am so sick of this cherry picking of the evidence. If this goat rodeo commission actually cared about attacks on government they would look into all the rioting and looting caused by BLM and ANTIFA in our cities and attacks on government buildings and police. A lot more insurrection went on before Jan 6 they are ignoring. Its a witch hunt. Are they gonna create a phony document like Clinton did to distract in the 2016 election? I want them all to do down.

    • This ” goat rodeo” commission was created by corrupt Wino Pelosi to cover up her involvement in Jan 6th! She and her minions paid Antifa to riot disguised as Trump supporters! Pelosi needs a life sentence without parole in Gitmo! She is evil and corrupt to the core!

  6. The MSM will report on findings that support only the Dims while suppressing everything else that the Dims do not want revealed to the public. Since most people only watch the MSM stations they will never get the Rest of the Story. Hence the term Fake News.

  7. Perfect, love that Bannon is exposing the corrupt January 6th commission and the DOJ!!! All of the governments’ illegal doing in this witch hunt needs the light of day! A lot of people are getting tired of the double standard of “justice” delivered by the political elite and the propaganda media!

  8. As transparent as Bannon can make it works for him, not the fake government who don’t even stay in the WH. They didn’t say who was siding with him, besides all of America that is.

  9. Smoke their fat asses Steve. This could be the best laugh of 2021, and maybe even 2022. Crazy Nancy fell right his little ole trap.


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