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The MAGA Warrior Who Should Take Over the RNC

So, the word is that Ronna McDaniel is resigning as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). If she should actually resign, then the 168 members of the RNC will vote for who should replace her as soon as a meeting can be scheduled.

There are so many reasons why this is happening, not the least of which is how McDaniel failed to keep election fraud from affecting the 2022 midterm elections and how her team spent tons of money on items that have nothing to do with getting Republicans elected.

But the big news is about her replacement. Laura Trump? Kevin McCarthy? Drew McKissick? Who?

How about Michael Whatley?

Who is he? Michael Whatley is the chairman of the GOP in North Carolina. Out of the seven traditional battleground states, only North Carolina went for Trump in 2020. In addition, Trump now leads Biden in N.C. by 8 points, according to the average of polls. And both Thom Tillis and Ted Budd owe their U.S. Senate seats to Michael. David Rouser is our U.S. representative here in North Carolina – and he swears by Michael.

Full disclosure: Michael Whatley is my friend. Before the 2020 election, he called us and asked to come to our home to meet with my wife, Ginger, and me. He wanted our opinions on what should be done to get Republicans elected. Since then, Michael has had several phone calls and meetings with me.

Let me state that it is my honor to speak up and endorse Michael for chairman of the RNC.

1. Michael makes good on his promises. He made several commitments to Ginger and me and made good on all of them. He answers his own phone and returns calls.

2. Michael is good at fundraising. Take my personal word that he gets money from all kinds of people to support Republicans … lots of money.

3. Michael introduced me to Donald Trump. He took me by the arm to meet Donald. Like children in a schoolyard, they teased each other … respectfully. They truly like each other.

4. Michael is dead on target about election abuses by Democrats. He agreed with Ken Paxton of Texas and 19 attorneys general that election fraud needed to be investigated in the 2020 battleground states. He told me on the phone a couple of weeks ago that as general counsel and head of the GOP national committee to stop election abuses (Stop the Steal), he and his committee now have more than 80 actions pending in courts to stop the election irregularities/fraud Democrats used to get Biden elected in 2020.

5. Michael is MAGA, pure MAGA. He sat next to me at one of several Trump rallies without anyone else even knowing who he was. He is a humble cheerleader/warrior for making America great again, for putting America first.

Granted, Michael Whatley is not a household name. But then neither was Jim Nicholson who was the head of the GOP when G.W. Bush was elected in 2000. Jim and Suzanne are also good friends of ours. We attended the same Catholic Church and lived near each other in McLean, Virgina. Michael has the same moxie Jim had when he fended off the crap of Democrats and Al Gore during the 2000 election.

Michael has what Ronna is missing.

Republicans, Trump and MAGA need Michael Whatley.

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