Secretly Recorded Video – CIA Targeting EXPOSED

A video released by Sound Investigations depicts an individual alleged to be a current CIA officer bragging about targeting political opponents of the agency and government more broadly.

Alex Jones, discussed by name in the video as a target of CIA persecution in order to “take his money away” alongside Tucker Carlson, reportedly plans to sue.

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Via Newsweek (emphasis added):

Alex Jones has announced plans to sue the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), following allegations that the intelligence agencies had previously targeted him.

Earlier this week, Sound Investigations shared what was represented as secretly-shot video footage of various conversations with a man called Gavin O’Blennis, who described himself as a contracting officer for the CIA.

In the conversations, which were timestamped as having taken place March 15-28, O’Blennis claimed that it was common practice for intelligence agencies to go after figures by allegedly goading them into engaging in incriminating activities.

“You can kinda put anyone in jail if you know what to do,” O’Blennis is seen telling an undercover reporter in the clip. “You set ’em up.” O’Blennis went on to say that “you create the situation where they have no choice but to act on their impulse, and once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment*.”

When asked if “entrapment is regularly practiced by the agency, O’Blennis said: “We get really close. We call it a ‘nudge.'”

*It’s not that “some would call that entrapment”; the law would. The legal definition of the term, per The Law Dictionary, is a situation in which “one or more law enforcement agents like the police entice someone to commit a crime they wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for the police.”


“You put a post out there or you have some fake profile say something that triggers, that we know is going to trigger them, right?” O’Blennis said. “Like we already know your history. If we’re at that point we already know everything about you. So we’re like, ‘Oh, this will p*** him off.’ Sometimes you light the fuse and just wait for it to follow.”

When Infowars’ Jones was brought up by name, O’Blennis said of the conspiracy theorist: “We were after him. Hardcore.”

O’Blennis went on to state that Jones is no longer being targeted “because he’s broke. He got found guilty and had to pay like $100 million.”

Newsweek has been unable to independently verify whether O’Blennis ever worked for the CIA. Newsweek has contacted the CIA and FBI via email for comment.

We do not have any current confirmation that O’Blennis is relaying factual information or bragging, or if he is who he says he is. But it seems likely this story would already have been debunked by the self-appointed corporate state media “fact checkers” if that were the case, given how viral it’s gone and how damning, if true, it is of the increasingly authoritarian regime occupying D.C.

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