Biden ‘Dietary Expert’ Claims Willpower Doesn’t Exist And Obesity Is A ‘Brain Disease’

Dr. Fatima Stanford, who sits on Biden’s 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, appeared on corporate media to share her lived experiences as a fat propagandist.

Here are the highlights of Stanford’s remarkably detached-from-reality obesity religion masquerading as science:

  • “[Obesity] is a brain disease.”
  • “Throw [willpower] out the window.”
  • “The number one cause of obesity is genetics. That means if you were born to parents that have obesity, you have a 50-85% likelihood of having the disease yourself even with optimal diet, exercise, sleep management, stress management, so when people see families that have obesity, the assumption is, ‘Ugh. What are they feeding those kids? They’re doing something wrong.’”
  • “Doctors do not understand obesity.”

To summarize the tenets of the faith, fat children (who are getting fatter by the year) of fat parents are fat because of genetics, not because the whole family eats the same GMO-processed slop.

Doctors have biases against obese people, and they also don’t understand obesity.

Loving and liberal tolerance is not about tolerance but about enabling destructive behaviors that weaken society and, as a result, any potential resistance to the power structure.

Fat people are probably too depressed and downtrodden and wheezy to put up a fight.

Plus, if they can keep you in the “sweet spot” of barely alive, the medical industry can extract all of the fats’ wealth with their products and services while they slowly expire.

You’ll be scandalized and flabbergasted to learn that the good doctor is actually a paid pharmaceutical shill — or, as the New York Times more delicately puts it, “Dr. Stanford has served as an adviser for a number of pharmaceutical companies, a common practice for experts in the field.”

That’s just the way it is.

Bein’ real don’t appeal to the brother in you (Yeah)
You gotta operate the easy way
“I made a G today,” but you made it in a sleazy way
Sellin’ crack to the kids (Oh-oh), “I gotta get paid” (Oh)
Well hey, well that’s the way it is.
—Tupac, ‘Changes’

via zerohedge


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