You’re ‘Only a State, Not a God’: Gov’t Pushes Christians to Support Sin

Officials in the state of Colorado are being scorched in a new editorial from the Washington Examiner, which bluntly informed them that Colorado is a state, “not a god.”

“It lacks the power to force anyone to celebrate other people's choices, which is what the Left and the [state civil rights] commissioners are trying to do,” the editorial explained. “Toleration is not enough for them; they demand affirmation.”

It was triggered by the recent ruling from the leftist state’s “Civil Rights Commission,” which said baker Jack Phillips had to create a special blue-and-pink cake for a leftist who wanted to celebrate the transgender ideology.

Said the Examiner, “The Supreme Court took the easy way out when it first heard a dispute between Jack Phillips, a baker, and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Justices sidestepped the fundamental issue, which was whether the state could compel speech from private citizens, and instead impugned the commission’s actions by pointing to the bigoted statements that its members directed at Christians.”

It continued, “Now the commission is back, persecuting Phillips again. Its case proves that the Left will stop at nothing to force everyone, irrespective of moral objections, to celebrate lifestyle choices of which they disapprove.”

via joemiller


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